New Visuals

Earlier in the year (April-May 2017), my life partner Jypsy Jeyfree and i went on tour to Santiago, Chile'. We played several awesome shows, including this one for Citylab Santiago. We performed an acoustic set for an intimate audience. It was really cool to share our music and also tell our story. Check out the full length video here (Steff & Jypsy x Citylab Santiago)

I hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching!

New Music

New Music!!! (sorta) lol

So, while recording my new project "Power of Love" i also recorded a dozen or-so cover songs and was planning on releasing a cover EP (i shot music videos and everything).

The songs i covered were intended to bridge the sound and direction of where i was to where i was going. A way to reintroduce myself to folks after the gap between releasing "Frontline" and "Power of Love". I recorded this song during the summer of 2016 at the request of my friend Dirty Souf Yankee. This song ended up being a turning point for me creatively, as i started to understand the true beauty and power of my voice lies in the imperfection, vulnerability and honesty. I applied this approach to the vocal performance of "Power of Love".  I still haven't decided whether or not i will finish it, invest in getting it mixed and releasing it on Spotify. But i thought it would be cool to share it with you here privately. Let me know your thoughts, i may still move forward with the cover project thing if you're feeling it.

Brand new playlist!!!


New Playlist!!!

So, I recently discovered a new hobby. In my quest to gain more exposure and listeners for "Power of Love" i found that playlisting is actually fun to do. It's really helped me to understand how my music fits into different genres, demographics, and spaces. I've also discovered great new artists, music and music lovers along the way. This is the 4th official playlist that I've curated and promoted and it's by far the best one so far!! Super concise, cohesive and diverse.

The music is all inspirational and spiritual with a rock edge. Please follow the playlist, and share it!!!

"Armageddon" is one of my newer pieces. The inspiration came from Ari who is a talented artist friend and supporter of mine who lives in ATL. A few months ago I released a video that documented the making of the ceiling mural in the Brooklyn Renaissance Suite (my apartment). In the video I talked about feeling like I wasn't worthy of having nice things and that I was living in the "one day syndrome".  I decided that I was tired of waiting for the day where I would be worthy of my dreams and take the initiative to make it happen now, because tomorrow isn't promised. Ari was inspired by the video and challenged me to make a follow up video explaining how I broke through. Instead I decided to write/produce this song. I was invited to perform at a living room concert this past weekend and I decided to test the song out. We were backed by a Violin player, a Banjo player, a Keyboard player and a 2nd guitar player. The vibes were magical and I wanted to share it with you.

The recorded version will be on my new project.

It features my girlfriend and partner Jypsy Jeyfree on background vocals. I hope you enjoy it!

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics : Steff Reed
Background Vocals: Jypsy Jeyfree

Released by:
New Soul Renaissance


I wrote/produced "Bittersweet Nostalgia" in the summer of 2014 when I first met my girlfriend and partner Jypsy Jeyfree. Our chemistry was magical and unlike anything i had ever experienced. I immediately fell for her and knew that we were destined to be together. At the time she was in a serious relationship and was unable to take things any further. Imagine meeting your soul mate, but due to circumstances beyond your control you could only be "friends". It was a really intense feeling, I felt like were together in a past life.

Being in Jypsy's presence always felt like that moment in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" when Dorothy landed in Oz and everything turned to color. We shared special nostalgic moments together that left us both feeling like we were in the middle of a movie. We hung out for a few months as complete platonic friends, but eventually she decided that this would only hurt us both and decided to cut all ties.

2 years later we reconnected and decided to give it a shot. We've been inseparable ever since. I wrote this song after we parted ways.

Bittersweet Nostalgia
Piano, Vocals, Lyrics & Production: Steff Reed
Background Vocals: Jypsy Jeyfree

Released by:
New Soul Renaissance